DDR Border Germany (Code: DDR_STL)

DDR Border Germany
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DDR Border Germany DDR Border Germany DDR Border Germany DDR Border Germany DDR Border Germany DDR Border Germany

A set of German buildings, useful for Cold War Games as for example Team Yankee.
Most Buildings are also useful for the 2nd World War, because most buildings in this Campaign are builded before the WW2. This buildings (if not destroyed in WW2) are in use until today.

The scale is 20/22mm. But the files are optimized to downscale them to 15mm or upscale them to 28mm.
The larger parts - if you want to print the large buildings in 28mm - are divided, if your printbed has not enough space. Feel free to stay in contact with us, to supply you with optimized parts for your printer.


Printer Settings

To make it fast, the models can be printed with a thickness of 0.3mm. However the quality increases, the lower the layers are. Also think of sufficient infill. This is because it is certain that the top print layer is opaque and smooth. We achieved the best results with the following settings:

Layer 0.2mm, infill 20%, Speed 50mm-80mm sec

But everyone knows his own printer best and try to get the desired result. Ultimately it depends on which printer you take. This can be a cheap Geetech or an expensive Ultimaker. They should all work. Scaling The models are designed to work on a scale of 20/22 mm. I recommend the following scaling

  • 15mm to get - 73% (Cura 0.73)
  • 28mm to get - 127% (Cura 1.27)
  • 1:144 - 50% (Cura 0.50)
  • 6mm - 27-30% (Cura 0.27-0.30)

It is of course up to you how to change the size of the models.

§§ Legal issues

Unfortunately, it is not without a reference to legal. By purchasing the STL file, you have the right to use it to print your building models. You determine the number of required models yourself. The copyright on these models, however, remains with us.

That means in detail

•it is not allowed to give the files to 3rd person by sale or publish the files via social media, networks or webspaces
•the printed models may not be sold, nor moulds and casts be made of them.
•A modification of the STL files and the transmission of changed file contents is also prohibited.

Price: 12.95 EUR
Incl. 19 % TAX
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